Group Profile

PRIME GROUP of Companies, based at Rajkot - India, in the dynamic and fastest growing province of Gujarat, was established in the year 1987 by a single owner and borrowed work space, by the name of PRIME MANUFACTURES.

The Group consists of 3 Companies, engaged into the diverse manufacturing process of Textiles, Automobiles and General Engineering Parts & Machineries.

PRIME GROUP was initially started with the first venture in 1987 by the name of PRIME MANUFACTURES, majority into the Manufacturing of Textile machinery parts such as spindle. As the time went by, with our expertise, product Quality control and strict deadline follow-ups, we had the liberty to expand our wings and stretch our legs to start two more Ventures by the name of JYOT MANUFACTURES and PRIME EXPORTS (dedicated to Export Markets only), within just few years.

PRIME GROUP is situated in the heart of the Industrial area and in one of the fastest growing Cities in India in the fields of Manufacturing of Engineering Products. The Province is considered to be the fastest growing region with best political support and the liberal Government allowing Businesses only to grow bigger.

PRIME GROUP covers the land area of Approximately 16,000 Sq. Meters and with our resources and technical expertise capabilities; we are able to expand our business structure for the potential manufacturing activities to produce diverse range of Automobile & Industrial Parts & Applications, suited to clients' needs.

PRIME GROUP has earned the reputation for the development projects and Customized products with the help of our expert engineers, top of the line Machineries, willing and dedicated workforce to deliver within the time frame. The group has been identified by many Industrial Associations across the country.

Our Aim for the next few years is to reach the Global Customers and henceforth, PRIME GROUP has already planned the agenda to dedicate our vision towards the European Union countries majority. PRIME GROUP will soon be having Physical Operations, Employees and a Warehouse in Central Europe to serve our potential clients more efficiently.

PRIME GROUP is a young and energetic group with some of the finest technically skilled engineers, Quality control, workforce, years of experience and with the courage to look beyond obvious,

"There is only one outcome, Finesse".

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